Saturday, September 10, 2016

“Never Trump” = “EVER Clinton”

This Presidential election cycle has been pretty sad.  I find myself frequently saying, “300+ million people and these are the best we have?” 
That said, I do not remember a time when so many ‘so-called’ leaders have made it their personal job to ‘tell everyone’ who they ‘Shouldn’t’ vote for.  It’s uncanny.
One of the other ‘modern-day’ traditions is to actually ask people ‘how’ they will vote or ‘who’ will they vote for.  Yes, I’m old enough to remember when a person’s vote was their own business and it was considered rude to ask someone the how or who. 
So now we basically have these two – the donkey and the elephant – to choose from.  (I know Gary is trying to make a Libertarian run, but he faces two major problems; 1) The third party is in its infant stages and probably needs at least 4 more years of hard work to compete, and 2) his last stumble on a national stage probably ended any possibility of getting enough traction to garner the needed support to compete.) Candidly, we may need to sit up and pay attention to results of this election.  Some will say, “I am and I have decided NOT to vote.”  This is what 30 million evangelicals did in 2012 and as a result, we have witnessed the greatest attack on God, Jesus, the Bible, and Christianity, to ever be launched in the history of this nation.  It seems to me that we have experienced the ‘law of sowing and reaping’ first hand.  For the many who may believe that I am overstating the attack from this administration, I urge you to get and read the book by Todd Starnes entitled, “God Less America”.  With his usual literary talent married to his southern sense of humor, he exposes case after case after case of the Obama Administration trying to fundamentally change the culture of this nation – and it’s somewhat disconcerting.
So we have the two candidates, Donald Trump & Hillary Clinton, from whom we make our choice. Let’s see how they compare;
Issue Donald Trump Hillary Clinton
Abortion We really don’t know!  For years he was ‘pro-choice’ and now he says that he’s ‘pro-life’.+ We really do know!  She has been and is ‘pro-choice’.  The little babies do not register in her conscious!
Education We really don’t know!  He speaks of choice for school, seems to support giving public education to the states, and is against the common core.  He seems to support local education which includes homeschooling. We really do know!  She has supported common core, governmental control, & has a plan to get children into government controlled public education as early as possible.  She is on record against home-schooling because, in her words, “Education is not for families.”
Economic We really DO KNOW!  This is his wheel-house.  We may not care for how he’s achieved his fortune, but he has the knowledge about how the government has thwarted business in America. We really do know! (and we know more than we want to!)  She loves the ‘tax and spend’ mentality.  She plays up to the younger generation who actually believe “Education can be FREE!”  She believes that Government control is the answer to all of our problems. 
Supreme Court We really don’t know!  THIS IS THE CRITICAL ISSUE FOR THE USA, from a “Civic” standpoint.  The list of candidates he’s put forth is impressive, we pray that he chooses from this list.  THE NEXT PRESIDENT WILL NOMINATE AT LEAST 3 JUSTICES!!  CRITICAL ISSUE. We really do know!  She will continue the same path as her hero, President Obama, naming left wing extremist judges who will continue to fundamentally change and rewrite the constitution.  They will continue to ‘legislate from the bench.’
Immigration We really don’t know!  This is the public issue because he wants to build a wall to protect the American way of life.  He said he’d build a wall & THEY would pay for it (we’ll see). He said he would deport all illegals (we’ll see – I wonder where the money will come from.) He does seem serious about immigration reform.  We really do know!  She has no interest in building a wall of protection because she wants to build a bridge that will bring in thousands who do not care to ‘assimilate into this culture’ but rather ‘change the American culture’ into THEIR culture.  Under this plan, we can expect an ‘event’ on our soil which will make 9/11 pale.
Freedom of Religion We really don’t know!  While he professes to be a Christian, one of the complaints among evangelical leaders is that his life does not read like a Christ follower.  This said, he has given every indication that he believes in freedom for religions (including Christianity). We really do know!  She was a part of the Obama Administration who continually made policy which supported Islam and restricted Christianity.  She will seek to overturn the 1st amendment.
Gun Rights We really do know!  He has been supportive of the 2nd amendment right as he recognizes that to disarm law abiding citizens is to mean the only ones who will have guns is the criminal element and the military.  Like it or not, the 2nd amendment was written so citizens could protect themselves from an out of control government. We really do know!  Simply stated, she believes the 2nd amendment is a mistake because guns kill people.  She desires to get the guns.
National Security We really do know!  He is committed to making our military a strong, updated, & effective fighting machine to protect the citizens of this nation.  He also recognizes that we can deal better from strength than from weakness.  He will probably not have an apology tour. We really do know!  It appears that she will continue to weaken our military by decreasing the defense budget.  Additionally, she will probably continue to make the military a social experiment rather than a fighting force.
SUMMARY There are many unknowns about Donald Trump, but for me, the possibilities are many.  While, he is not a first choice for people of faith, he seems to be a better choice than his opponent. There are few unknowns about MS Clinton & what is known is not good for those who believe in the foundations that made America great.  Her stance on the issues are radical left-leaning.

In the final analysis, Hillary Clinton is so entrenched in the Washington Establishment that her election will signal a continuation of the same politics that have almost dismantled this country while in the name of tolerance, have done much to dismantle the ethics and principles that have made this country great.  This is to say nothing of her obvious health issues.  (I pray that her doctors get her condition under control.  It seems to be getting worse and I pray for her health.) She was the ‘presumptive Democratic nominee’ for the last 4 years and faced no real opponent in the primary.  Quite likely, if the DNC had remained neutral, she may not have received the nomination.  (I have refrained from mentioning her legal problems, national security failures as Sec of State, or the history of shady events which only the Clintons would survive.)
In the final analysis, Donald Trump is an unknown factor.  It has been much publicized that “Putin” speaks well of Trump.  But what is NEVER said is that the Russian leader knows Mr. Trump as a Businessman and not a Political Leader.  We don’t know him as a political leader because he is an outsider to the political scene.  That said, he overcame 17 challengers who were and are quality men with a background of political leadership.  What will he actually do?  We really do not know, but with him there is a ‘chance’ that the country can be righted.
With a smirk on their face, someone asked me, “Will you vote for Donald Trump?” I responded with a question, “Will you vote for Hillary Clinton?” They said, “Probably not, but I am a NEVER TRUMPER.” Never to be one to be quiet, as gentle as I could I said, “Well, to not vote for Trump is a vote (Sean Hannity says a ‘half-vote’) for Clinton. So there you have it, I am not really a Trump supporter, but I am definitely in the camp  of “NEVER HILLARY.”
As a person of faith, I am not comfortable with either candidate. But I believe that God can use Donald Trump (unaware though he may be – like Nebuchadnezzar) to protect the things which need to be protected giving God’s people opportunity to respond to God’s call to spiritual renewal and revival. If this nation turns anymore to the left ethically and morally, the next divine intervention may well be judgment which rivals God’s judgment on ancient Israel. On the other hand, if we can slow the drift into secularism perhaps God’s people will evoke a renewal of the manifest presence of God and spiritual revival in the land.
I have a deep conviction that the “Never Trump” attitude will give us an “EVER Hillary” direction which will thrust us into a valley from which we will never recover.

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