Sunday, October 23, 2016

OKAY!! “I” Am Voting for Donald Trump


This election cycle has been weird if nothing else AND it has been plenty other things.  For me, many words describe this past year.  Some of the words which come to mind are unbelievable, astounding, crazy, unspeakable, and certainly EMBARRASING.  The embarrassment for me exists on several levels.  The language, the innuendos, and the stories surrounding both candidates have been and continue to be untenable. 

At the same time it has been embarrassing to have religious (Ok Baptist) leaders attempt to tell us how we should or shouldn’t vote.  Amazingly, many of them do not realize just how much influence they have lost by attempting to guilt people into a course of action.  TO BE CLEAR:  This blog is not an attempt to coerce anyone into do what I am doing, but rather to make my case for why “I” am doing this and believe deeply it is the right thing to do for our country and as a Christ-following citizen.  My desire is to do this in two ways, as a matter of the “Civil” course of action  and “spiritually”.

CIVICIALY – from the standpoint of our nation, our country, & as a civilian.

First, I will vote for Mr. Trump because of the Supreme Court.  Admittedly, many Trump detractors will call me a “Conspiracy Theorist” because it is difficult for me to believe that, at such a strategic time in our nation’s history, the ONE Supreme Court justice who kept the court’s eye on a little document called the Constitution ‘just happened’ to die ‘unexpectedly.’  Having read about all the ‘mysterious deaths’ of people who surrounded the Clintons, I am more than a little suspicious.  Candidly, I haven’t voiced this concern because the FBI looked into Justice Scalia’s death and, at that point, that caused me to have confidence in the decision.  However, after FBI Director James Comey laid out a case against Hillary Clinton that would have sent ANY OTHER AMERICAN to a jury trial and then to hear him say ‘no referral would be made’, I am afraid we actually have reason to be suspect of the work from the FBI on any matter relating to the Clintons.  But I digress.  The next president will immediately appoint the ‘swing’ vote on the court and will likely get to appoint 3 more justices if he/she get to serve the 2 terms.  THIS ONE TRUTH should swing many votes AWAY from Mrs. Clinton because IF SHE IS PRESIDENT, she stated in the last debate that the “Supreme Court should be on the side of the American People” which is nothing shy of amazing!  Most people (legal or otherwise) don’t even know what to make of that statement because it is certainly NOT found in Article 3 of the Constitution.  In point of fact, in the minds of the constitution framers the Supreme Court was intended to be the weakest branch of our government, they were not to be a ‘social experiment’ which resolved ‘social issues’, but had (actually have) a distinct check and balance function in our system of government.  (Much more can and needs to be said, but for the sake of the reader, I’ll move forward)  Mr. Trump has given a list of true “Constitutionalists” which will become HIS appointments to the court and they are diametrically opposed to those ‘social engineers’ and those who will ‘legislate from the bench’ who Mrs. Clinton will appoint.  FOR OUR LEGAL SYSTEM, which is the envy of the world, THIS is the critical issue.

Second, I will vote for Mr. Trump because of the Immigration and border  issue.  A country with no secure borders is not a country at all.  Whether Mr. Trump builds a physical wall or a wall built with our immigration force matters little to me, what we must have are “SECURED BORDERS” OR we’ll become a battle ground like Syria, Iraq, etc.  Our wives, kids, grandkids, and other fellow countrymen will become targets for those who want to do us harm.  I understand the perspective of spiritual leaders who argue that we need to ‘minister to the refugees’ and I have no argument with that approach, but I take great issue with the attitude that the ONLY WAY we can do this is to bring them HERE and risk our national security to do it.  We simply must secure our borders, get control of those who come into this country, and even helps those who are true refugees.  I believe Mr. Trump will do this and I KNOW Hillary will OPEN OUR borders and endanger our posterity. 

Third, I will vote for Mr. Trump because of Military Issue.  The past 8 years has been devastating to our military.  Our current president has ‘raped’ our military by making it a ‘social experiment’ and by dismissing dozens of top officers from leadership.  He has also reduced funding to little more than ‘maintenance’ status.  We cannot lead or protect from a position of weakness.  Mr. Trump will rebuild the US Military that the present regime has markedly weakened.  Additionally, those serving will once again know what it is to have a Commander in Chief support them on all front.  Mrs. Clinton proved her ability to protect and support our soldiers and citizens by her lack of action in Benghazi.  One this point, many say that they don’t trust Mr. Trump with the Nuclear codes, guess what, if you study Mrs. Clinton at all you will discover that her temper is just as short as her opponent, the only thing she has which he doesn’t is the ability to conceal.  She has spent a lifetime concealing her temper, her foul language (just as foul as his), and her husband’s behavior (but that’s another subject).  She says that she has experience by her service in the State department and I will agree that the has some experience, but in my opinion, we have endured all of her leadership which we can stand, it’s time for something else.

Fourth, I will vote for Mr. Trump because of our Education Issue (I.E. Our Children)  - Common Core has been a disaster.  Mrs. Clinton will double down on this failed educational plan and continue to drive talented and creative teachers out of the profession where they are so desperately needed.  Mr. Trump, on the other hand, desires to end Common Core, remove education from the Washington DC bureaucrats and return it to the local jurisdiction.  Additionally, according to the ‘Election forum’ website, SHE is NOT friendly to homeschooling while he is supportive of any education approach that strengthens it.  While she parades children on her TV commercials, to check closely her record, demeanor, and personal approach tells another story.  He seems to be the ‘Education President.’  Her and his approach to college tuition is more a part of their economic stance than education.

Fifth, I will vote for Mr. Trump because of the Economic/Jobs Issue – For the last 30 years, Mr. Trump has been a recognized international businessman.   Hillary seems to be ‘up in the air’ about Donald taking a Million Dollar loan from his dad to get started.  Well, a quick search on google suggests that his present net worth is 3.7 BILLION (with a “B”), so I would say he had made good on a $1M loan.   Additionally, I am convinced that in building his wealth he has created many jobs.  It is true that when the Dems created an unfriendly business environment in the states, he did what so many other businesses did, he left the country.  While I don’t  like to hear about businesses leaving the USA, it would seem that Trump would know why businesses need to leave and would change that.  He has spent over 30 years making money & creating jobs.  Conversely, the only jobs Hillary seems to have created is at her foundation which some call the “Clinton Slush Fund”.  The foundation has a dangerous connection to foreign governments which are known for human rights violations.  My question is; how could she with a straight face talk about being for women and children when she is ‘in bed’ with those government.  Her financial plans for ‘FREE COLLEGE’ is frightening.  Here’s why, it is a lesson that I learned from my dad, “THERE IS NO FREE LUNCH.”  Someone has to pay.  For all the ‘financial elites’ who support her, they may be surprised when their income is taxed at a 70%+ rate to pay for free college.  It is no economic policy to propose ‘entitlements’ for all.  Trump knows better.  He will help those who need help and expect those to work who can work.  It is my belief that HE will create a business friendly environment which is good for all.

Sixth, I will vote for Mr. Trump because of the Healthcare Issue (I.E. Obamacare) – The (Un)Affordable Care Act is about to implode on itself because it has broken every rule of health insurance.  While we may ‘want’ health care to be a reality for every American, but as a close friend told me 25 years ago, “Health care is not a right, it’s a privilege”.  But that argument must wait for another day, for today, we have forced insurance companies to provide coverage that people neither want or need, we have forced those companies to provide coverage for people who are ‘uninsurable’ (that industry calls this  ‘buying a claim’), and the results are many.  We have insurance premiums raising as much as 90%, insurance companies withdrawing from States (PERSONAL NOTE: this is happening to us), and deductables that our unbelievable and ‘out of pocket’ enough to drain most savings accounts.  Additionally, our medical professionals are working harder and longer for less because the ‘insurance schedule’ for services rendered is less and less while the ability to manage a patient’s care is hindered greatly by the process required by those companies who are trying to keep their numbers in the black.  While Mr. Trump has talked about ‘state lines’ and ‘savings accounts’ – it’s obvious that he does not have all of this ‘figured out’, but unlike Mrs. Clinton who will double down on “Obamacare”, he will gather the smartest heads and replace this ‘socialistic fiasco’ with a plan that makes sense.

Seventh, I will vote for Mr. Trump because of the ‘Life’ Issue – Today I heard that his words about being ‘pro-life’ in the last debate were that strongest words we have heard from a presidential candidate in over a quarter of a century.  Hillary says she is ‘all about children’ while she continues to be an ardent supporter of killing the unborn.  I guess she supports children if they get out of the womb, but before that time, they are open game.  By the way, when we marry the healthcare issue with her opinion on ‘life’, it will serve us well to recognize that it is a small step to ending the lives of  our unproductive Senior Citizen (of which I am not far from being one) – and doing this either actively (euthanizing) or passively (refusing care). 

Eighth, I will vote for Mr. Trump because of the OBVIOUS Issue – What is the obvious issue you ask?  It is this; at the end of this election, either “Him” or “Her” will be the next President – there is NO OTHER POSSIBILITY.  To write in a candidate, while certainly a citizen’s right, during this election assures our next President will be Hillary Clinton and  that all of the issues which I have listed (and more) that this nation faces will be addressed by extreme left wing philosophy which will ultimately kill this great nation.  Having spent months investigating and reading about Mrs. Clinton, I have discovered that she began with a left-wing lean that has now turned into a left-wing marathon which will lead this great democratic nation directly into Socialism.

This article is already too long, so I’ll be brief.


So many religious (Ok Baptist) leaders have refused to say they would vote for Trump for “SPIRITUAL” reasons, my question is, “What part of this do we not get?”  The USA’s next president will either be Mr. Trump or Mrs. Clinton, period, this is our choice.  Neither of these two will rise to the standard which we desire.  Face it and deal with it. 

Mr. Trump’s temper is volatile, that is evident – but so is Hillary’s and, I believe, it is worse.  Mr. Trump’s language is vile – but so is Hillary’s and, I believe, it is worse.  Mr. Trump’s morals have been documented to be horrible, but if you actually do the reading which I’ve done, you discover Hillary has been as bad if not worse. 

While we don’t have any idea (outside of her regular counselors) who gives her ‘spiritual counsel, we know that (at least) he has assembled a group of spiritual leaders to speak into his heart Biblical counsel.  As long as he hears, I believe, there is a possibility that God could empower those words of counsel and bring some balance to our country.  Additionally, at least Trump ‘likes’ us as evangelicals.  Conversely, our current president and Mrs. Clinton have made it their mission to halt Christianity in this nation.  One executive order after another has hampered our religious heritage and freedom.

The bottom line for me is this; She is the one unfit for more reasons than I can mention.  While HE is not my first choice, with him, I believe there is an opportunity for my grand-children to live in a nation which resembles the USA as created by the constitution and has been blessed by Jehovah God for many years.  God has used many pagans over the years.  I pray that Mr. Trump is a different person than he was even 10 years ago and that he seeks Biblical Spiritual counsel for each and every decision, with Mrs. Clinton I hold out no hope for that to happen.

Again, this blog is not to tell anyone who they should vote for, but I do hope that MY REASONS for MY VOTE may influence someone to fully investigate the candidates.  My investigation has taken months of reading and digging.  You have less than 3 weeks.  May God bless us all.

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