Thursday, October 27, 2016


I grew up in a small town in South Mississippi.  It was the kind of place where everyone ‘thought’ they knew everyone else.  It was a good town, with good people, which evokes some good memories.  However, there is a dark-side to being raised in such a small place.  I wish I could count the times when, I did something that I didn’t want my parents to ever find out, only to discover that before I got home – THEY KNEW!!  You get the picture.  You get in a fight, have a breakup with a girlfriend, or just do something stupid (I hold a Doctor’s degree in stupid), and before you get home someone has phoned home and told your mom.  If I have a nickel for every time that happened, I’d be a rich man today.

You know what? When someone called mom (God rest her soul), I don’t think she ever asked, “Do you love my son?”, “Do you like our family?”, or with mom she probably never even asked, “How do you know Jerry?”  Actually, (I know my sister will read this and smile) we had an understanding around our house that, as I think about it now was very ‘unconstitutional’.  Our understanding was, “Guilty until PROVEN innocent.”  GRIN.  When someone ‘tattled’ on us, it was truth until we could debunk it.  Now our parents were not abusers, they simply wanted to make sure we KNEW the difference between right and wrong as well as that we understood the consequences for our actions.  My brother and sister will attest to the fact that all three of us learned this ‘very clearly.’  By the way, in my recollection, mom NEVER blamed those ‘tattle-tails’ who called to ‘tell on me.’  In fact of all things, “SHE THANKED THEM.”  (As I write this, I’m feeling a little abuse).  The character or motivation of the ‘tattlers’ was never questioned, just thanked for the information. 

Some of you are wondering ‘why’ I am writing this while others have already ‘caught on’.  One word which will separate the “SHEEP from the GOATS”, it is the word, “WIKILEAKS (WL).”

Now you may not like WL, that’s okay I hated the tattle-tails in my community.  However, just like in my adolescence the information is undeniable and the sad part is that those who called themselves reporters and ‘news outlets’ have, like a conspiracy, refused to use information pertinent to our presidential election. 

Okay, is hacking wrong?  YES, YES, and YES!!  Should we deal with hacking and develop ways to make our information secure?  YES, YES, and YES!!  I know that’s what I wanted to do in my home town – I wanted to shut the mouths of the tattle-tails, but listen, ONCE THE INFORMATION IS OUT THERE, IT MUST BE DEALT WITH NOT IGNORED or CAST ASIDE BECAUSE YOU DON’T LIKE HOW YOU GOT IT!

These emails seem to reveal corruption, pay for play, and even the DNC conspiracy toward Bernie Sanders.  As an aside, I’m wondering why Sanders is not yelling to ‘high-heavens’ about having the Nomination stolen by a crooked primary system.  The only thing I can guess is the $$$$$$ – he was given to buy his silence.

To dismiss this information because of ‘how’ we received it seems counterproductive to our process.  But here’s my personal opinion (for what it’s worth):  I may not like HOW we received this information- and we should deal with that issue in the months and years to come, BUT the NEWS MEDIA is being just as dishonest as the hackers by REFUSING TO COVER what the emails UNCOVERED.  And the public is being ‘duped’ and ‘misled’ by a media who is very biased in their coverage of this election.

Yes, I remember those ‘tattle-tails’ in my home town.  While I didn’t like them back then and less today, the information can be invaluable.

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