Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Take me to the Cross

There is an old story about a teenager who lived down the road from a magnificent church building which had a large cross on the top of its tall steeple. As he grew up, he watch the worker do maintenance on that cross as they replaced light bulbs and kept it freshly painted. Even though he grew up in the shadow of this steeple, the people of the church never reached out to him. As he began Junior High, he began to run with the rough crowd. For 4 years, his life was on a downhill spiral which included drugs, sex, and violence. One night he was found face down in an alley, high on drugs, and severely beaten. His rescuers wanted to take him to the hospital, but he knew that would bring questions which he didn’t care to answer, so he asked them to take him home. Between the alcohol, drugs, and the beating, he could not remember his own address. Remembering that church building and that enormous steeple, he said, “Take me to the cross, I can get home from there.”

Today I ran across this old story in some of my older documents and I thought it speaks to us today.  Some may call it simplistic, but that’s okay because it may indeed be simplistic, but it is still effective.

This nation, for better or worse, is the best mankind has been able to produce.  Our constitution is the single-most powerful document created by mankind because the framers were unselfish to the point of being selfless.  It saddens me to say this, but we have ‘little to no one’ in public office today who can seem to find it in themselves to these characteristics.  The framers were statesmen and not politicians.  It seems that today we only have politicians and no statesmen.

The above story brings this truth to mind…..If we can remember where this country came from, if we can stop running with the ‘rough crowd’ which is attempting to destroy the people who make up this nation, and if we can return, respond to, and/or see the cross once again, we can get home from there.

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