Tuesday, March 29, 2022

The Big Miss

 It is on an infrequent schedule that I blog.  Most of the time, I keep my thoughts to myself except for spiritual occasions.  However, I write the following words because this event has garnered much attention.  These are my personal thoughts about this.

Before last Sunday evening, the Oscars (at least in our part of the world) were non-existent or on life support. The 'incident' between Chris Rock and Will Smith leaves me wondering if we have fallen for a publicity stunt and MISSED the BIG MISS.  For all of the hoopla, there are many things that just don't add up, at least to me. (SPECIAL NOTE: This writing is not about how a Christ-follower should handle something like this or the Biblical response to it, but rather, it is about what actually transpired and how I believe, the general public is being deceived on many fronts by the media).

THE FIRST BIG MISS. I have the most basic computer digital video editor. Do you know what is more than interesting that I find about the slap when dissecting the video?  It's curious that Will Smith, a head taller than Chris Rock, seems to come off his feet onto his toes to deliver a powerful blow to Chris Rock's left cheek in defense of his wife and her honor. Think about that, ostensibly Will Smith is going to 'fight for his wife.'  As the video reveals, Smith makes a spectacle of walking up to Rock, in front of the audience, the camera, & the media no less, and appears to deliver a blow of anger which, by the way, did not even jar Rock.  In the clip, Rock's body was not shaken, his feet were steady, and his face didn't bear the mark of having been 'struck'.  Rock was not even dazed with Smith's mighty blow.  It is at this point that things get really interesting for the observer.  As Smith turns to exit, there is a wry smile on his face instead of a look of anger & Rock, having just been struck or at least appears to have been struck, is not even dazed by this powerful blow from an angry husband, and is able to continue because the show must go on.  Here's my point, "THAT WAS THE SHOW."  I do not have any evidence to prove this outside of watching the video, because I'm not in that crowd and culture. But if an angry Smith was intending to deliver a communicating blow to someone who had insulted his wife, THE VIDEOS SHOWS, he failed miserably.  From my vantage point with the video (I was not watching live), he struck Rock with his 'fingertips,' hardly the real slap one receives from an angry husband.  Add to that, Rock's head was moving to his right before the blow occurred, just like screen fights are scripted in movies all the time (and what was the movie for which Smith won the award?).  This is only the first 'Big Miss' for me.  

Personally, I'm a nobody with very limited resources.  But it is stunning to me, that no one in the media has questioned this.  At the same time, the amount of coverage that the Oscars have garnered this week is more than they have received in years, so likely, the stunt worked.

The SECOND MISS. This is what should have been the big outrage.  What am I speaking of?  It is Smith's language.  Having been a Will Smith fan since his teenage years, I am saddened that he had to choose such vulgarity on a TV show to voice his objection.  My mom always told me that a filthy mouth was driven by a filthy mind coupled with a small vocabulary. Even if the 'slap' was real (which I have my doubts about), the big offense of the night was the language that was used.  Yet, we have heard nothing about this, only about the slap. Words matter and filthy words accepted as the norm by a culture speaks tons about the condition of that culture. 

Another thing that is confusing is this: "Why is the Academy so angered about this onscreen violence?"  Taken in context, their modern-day industry seems to be built on and caters to on-screen violence and sex to the tune of billions of dollars each year. So the show went on.  They offered at the Oscars what is offered on their big screen, sex and violence.  One last thing about this; these events have loads of security on-site.  Which security guard was fired?  

Let me end with this.  I am not mad at anyone.  The words that best describe my feelings are disappointed and saddened.  The disappointment runs deep in me.  I am disappointed that the 'entertainment industry' has taken the path of 'shocking' its audience.  Whether it is genuine entertainment or violence or sex, they want to use the shock effect to bring in the money.  So whatever they can do to shock us 'little people,' they are willing to do, and they justify it, in the name of money (oops, entertainment).

Finally, sadness is the only word I can find when I think of a culture that has allowed itself to become so degraded that words, like the one used by Smith, can be spoken in a broadcast that arguably could have had children watching it and there be no outcry against it.  What does that say about where we are and who we have become, as a society?

My hope and prayer is that our culture, society, and nation, regain a moral and ethical footing before we implode like so many cultures, who have gone on before us.

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