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Over the years, the sordid story of David and Bathsheba has been told, read, and preached on as much or more than any other Biblical story.  Not only did King David see and lust after Bathsheba, but as King, he brought her into his home (his ‘Whitehouse’), committed adultery, and when she was found to be ‘with child’ tried to deceive her husband, and then he had her husband killed.  The entire episode reach climaxed when David supposedly did the honorable thing and married her.  In David’s mind, this was a closed issue and he thought he had done right and taken care of his responsibility.
It is a little more than interesting to note that David was later described as a “Man after God’s own heart.”  Yet, in this one incident and within a short period of time, David broke almost half of the Ten Commandments.  How does this happen?
Then answer is found in the understanding of the “Effects of Sin.”  By definition, sin is ‘missing the mark’, better said, it is ‘missing God’s mark’.  To follow the actions of David is to realize that once he fell into sin, he ceased to think right.  In fact, his thinking was upside-down.  What he knew to be wrong, he now rationalized to be okay. 
Candidly, sin in your life creates a ‘blindspot’ within your life.  By definition, a blindspot is something you can’t see.  When you drive a car, if another car, a person, or motorcycle, gets into your blindspot, a dangerous situation exists and someone can get hurt.
David’s blindspot was huge and was not easily brought to light.  It took God’s man, Nathan, giving David God’s word, “You are the man.”
Most of the time, it takes a friend and/or confidant to have the courage enough to reveal a blindspot in our lives.  Having a blindspot of sin revealed is not easy to hear or respond to.  When Nathan said, “You are the man”, David could have reacted adversely and had the messenger killed.  Yet, King David gave us the godly example of handling a blindspot.  David repented before God and gave us one of the most needed Psalms in the Bible.  His request was, “God, created in me a clean heart, Renew a right Spirit in me, and Restore the joy of your salvation.”  After this prayer, David was forgiven, renewed, restored and became a man after God’s heart. 
All this was possible because of HOW he handled HIS blindspot.

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